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Hi! I'm Alex

When I first started in the wedding industry in 2011, I had no mentor, no experience, and I made a lot of costly mistakes. I never really had someone I could easily ask all of my questions to, so I took to the internet, found some workshops and online floral groups, and practiced - a lot! Thankfully, the floral community has grown leaps and bounds since then!

The confidence to forge my own path and build a wedding floral business that works for me grew stronger year over year, as I continued to invest in myself and business. I truly believe there is room for everyone to fulfill their own version of a floral business dream, but you have to seek out the right knowledge and experience for you!

Floristry is an art form and a business. It requires your dedication, commitment to learn and grow, and gives you room to make lots of mistakes [fail forward]! It can be intimidating to start, but I encourage you to just take that step! You will be amazed at how far you can go!