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Most couples we meet express their overwhelm when it comes to planning their wedding florals. With various factors to consider and the majority of couples never having planned a wedding before, we thought it would be helpful to lend our expertise on the matter by sharing our top five tips and thoughtfully considered floral planning advice.

Tip I

Consider Your Date If You Want Specific Flower Varieties

If you have yet to choose your wedding date this would be a great time to make note of any important flowers to you. Many people have a favourite flower and love how specific groups of flowers look together. To ensure that you get the look that you want you need to take into consideration seasonal flower availability. If there are specific flowers, ask when it’s available in your region before picking your date if possible.

Tip II

Be Flexible

Be flexible when it comes to specific flower varieties. Having a solid colour palette and overall style in mind is enough to set your florist up for success because they can interpret your colour palette with whatever is best available for your wedding date. Although it is extremely important for florists to take into consideration any all wants from their clients, many things are out of our control on any given day. By being flexible you allow your florist to adjust accordingly when unforeseen circumstances by arise. Have trust that your florist will delivery something beautiful that fits your vision, even if something doesn’t go to plan. Plus if you give your florist flexibility from the start you probably would never even notice if they had to even endure flower shortages or delays days leading up to your wedding.


Prioritizing your Flower Budget

No matter what your flower budget is you want to be able to make the most of it. To do so consider the flower aspects that are most important to you, and what ones will make the biggest statement. Focus on making a statement in high tough point areas, such as the bridal bouquet, ceremony alter, guest tables and head table. These are the areas that your guests will be looking at the most during the day therefore making them more likely to be remembered. Smaller accent areas such as, seating chart, welcome table, etc. are less likely to impact the overall feel.

Tip IV

Do your Research

We highly suggest that you take some time to do some research of florist that are in your area. Looking through instagrams and websites are extremely helpful when you’re trying to find the right fit. It also may be helpful to research any preferred vendors that your venue may have. These vendors normally have a lot of experience with your specific venue which is always a nice bonus. Give yourself enough time to look through all the florists that you’ve come across and narrow it down to 2-3 top choices, then book consultations with your top picks. Time is valuable and it is important to ensure that you are making the most out of not only your own time but also the vendors. Once you’ve booking your consultations make sure you’re going into those meetings prepared and ready to talk about your ideas. Use the consultations as further research on the florist by asking questions and sharing you thoughts and opinions. You’re choosing the people that are going to involved in your planning process and around you on your wedding day. You want to make sure that your florist is a good match with you and your whole vision.

Tip V

Consider your Wedding Day Timeline

Consider the timeline of the wedding day. Access times to your ceremony and reception space(s) for set up and any needed transfers, directly impact the design possibilities. These are important questions to have for your venue so you and your vendors are able to get a better understanding for how the day will flow. The more details you have in regards to your wedding timeline the better!

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