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By now, you’ve probably had the chance to see that we are hosting our very first fine art workshop – Flourish: A Fine Art Floral Workshop. Hosted at Lune, this workshop is designed in collaboration with Vivian Lyttle Events and Megan Laura Photography. We think attending high quality workshops are essential to the growth of your business and yourself. Here’s our top five points why to invest in a fine art floral workshop.

Flourish: A Fine Art Floral Workshop

First, in case you missed it, here’s a bit about our one-day floral intensive at Lune. Led by Forever Wildfield at the award- winning event space, Lune 1860, located in Goderich Ontario, Flourish provides an intimate learning opportunity, where you will expand your floral design skills, foundational business knowledge, floral portfolio and ignite your creativity. The gorgeous grounds and inspired interiors of Lune will provide you with endless possibilities to cultivate connection to community , nature, and yourself. The Flourish workshop is formatted into two phases. First, how to create our signature romantic and modern floral design aesthetic. Secondly, learn floral business systems to build a strong brand and portfolio. Learn more about our upcoming workshop here. We hope you can join un in celebrating the best of spring blooms in this awe-inspiring setting!

Why Invest in a Fine Art Workshop

Are you passionate about floral design and aspiring to take your skills to the next level? If so, attending a fine art floral workshop could be a game changer for you. These types of workshops offer a unique and immersive learning experience that allow to elevate your floral design skills to an artistic level. Here are some of our main reasons as to why you should consider a fine art floral workshop.

Reason I

Explore Your Creativity

Fine art floral workshops provide a nurturing environment for you to explore your creativity freely. This is your chance to learn from the pros, try new techniques and experiment with different styles. These workshops encourage you to think outside of the box, challenging you in new ways. Often times, as creatives, it is easy for us to get stuck in routines and habits by doing the same thing consistently. Reignite your creativity by breaking out of that routine. Use these workshops as an opportunity to embrace your creative, set you apart from others, and help you establish your own unique style.

Reason II

Evolve Your Artistic Skills

We all know that floral design is much more than just arranging flowers; it’s an art form. Attending fine art workshops allows you to push the boundaries of traditional floral design and develop your own artistic voice. Learn creative ways to design unique and visually captivating arrangements that not only look beautiful, but convey emotion and highlight your individual skills. These workshops give you the opportunity to learn about colour theory, composition, texture, and other artistic elements that help to enhance your floral designs to make them stand out.

Reason III


Workshops are an amazing opportunity to connect with fellow florists and industry professionals. The other workshop attendees are there for the same reason as you – use this to your advantage. Take time to chat with other, connect on social media and build connections. It is extremely important to build a network of like-minded individuals. These are the people that will help support you, inspire you, and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. With a supportive network, you can share ideas, learn from others, and collaborate on projects. This can open up potential jobs or client opportunities in the future.

Reason IV

Portfolio Building

A great reason to invest in a fine art workshop is to build your portfolio with high quality images. Having a portfolio that reflects your style and abilities is crucial for attracting clients that you want to work with. Participating in a workshop provides you with the opportunity to create a diverse and visually appealing portfolio of your work that truly reflects the type of work you want to create on a consistent basis. A well-curated portfolio can provide multiple opportunities. They can impress potential clients, helps attract your ideal clients, and build credibility with your industry peers. Having a strong industry network can equate to quality referrals, once they trust your design skills and reliability.

Reason V

Floral Business 101

Finally, attending a fine art floral workshop is going to provide with so many opportunities about how to run your business more efficiently, with more profit, and a better understanding of the systems that your business needs to be successful long term. There are no silly questions and hosts are often open-books, sharing and divulging years of experience and wisdom about all aspects of the floral industry and business for you to soak up. As much as we love nature and designing with flowers, we are in this industry as creative business owners to make money and support our families and our dreams. Operating a floral business is not a hobby and as much as it’s beautiful work, it requires more administrative tasks and operating systems than the designing itself.

All branding photos by Emily Michelson

Fine art flowers

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